Alien Among You

All my life I’ve felt like an alien. Like I don’t belong at all in this world.

I mean, I’m biologically human… I had the tests done to verify I was human at the age of five – I was rather disappointed, BTW. And while I *can* use that to form a basis of commonality to substantiate small talk (“Oh, I see you have a nose as well… good job!”), that only covers the physical portion of our shared experience. To top it off, physical body based small talk only goes so far once they see you coming.

So, that leaves coming up with other things. The weather always seems of great import to people. I don’t tend to care about it unless it’s doing something interesting. Only so many times you can get away with, “Sunny again… no storms in sight, unfortunately.”, before people start to worry about you.

Certain emotions that seem to spark small talk, like guilt, or jealousy, or that feeling that people get when that see a cute baby animal that makes them make that certain sound, are either non-existent, or so muted that they are practically not there for me. This includes the feeling a lot of people get when ‘your team’ does well – in that ‘13th man’ type of ‘the viewer is part of the team’ thing that exists, but is forever outside my experience.

So, the best word I could come up with to describe myself when I was a child was: alien. This is a fitting word, and a mantle that I’m picking back up and brandishing to the world. And, I’ve been right here, next door to you, all this time.  Not at all in a horror-movie creepy way, but like Uncle Martin from ‘My Favorite Martian’. One of my favorite shows while growing up.

A lot has changed in the world since I first described myself as alien. Such as personal computers, Metallica becoming mainstream, the internet, cell phones and blogging. And with all this amazing information sharing, there’s also a lot of the negative side of humanity on display. It seems that hate-groups are online in force, and extremists from all sides are speaking loudly. What about the others? What about those people whose point of view is somewhat skewed, different or alien?

One way I seem to be the most alien is that I’ve always been excited by and embraced differences. Differences in skin color, speaking accents, music type, license plates, putting two things together that “shouldn’t be” (I blame Reese’s and their amazing Peanut Butter cups for this one!), etc. So many things are different when you’re alien. So being me, I get to celebrate so much! It seems like this perspective may not be represented well on the internet. So, I decided to start this blog!  =)

This blog will be:

  • a celebration of differences
  • a beacon to those needing a breath of fresh air
  • a calling card to those that my words can reach to let you know that no matter how weird or different, you are not alone
  • a journal for me to record my thoughts and feelings about anything, warts and all
  • a place to meet and discuss topics with people that choose to interact with me

I hope this blog will be good for more than just me. I’m planning on doing 100 posts, and see how I feel about my (our?) journey at that point. I hope you’ll join me, and make this great!

Take care and stay weird!